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Q: Karabelinkas VS Grandview Palace Condominium (Sullivan NY)
by Herb
Q: What was the court decision on Amy Purner on 03/12/2014 (Warren NY)
by Carla2
Q: Joshua Silverstein (Bronx NY)
by Rich
Q: Attendance in court on July 19 2012 (Richmond NY)
by anonymous
Q: what was the result of James R. Rickey's court appearance on Oct. 18, 2013 (Ontario NY)
by jane
Q: how long does it take for a judge to render a decision in a will probate case (Richmond NY)
by san
Q: Index No.57689/12 (Warren NY)
by Brodie
Q: Decision on Jasinski vs. Hudson Pointe Homeowners assoc. (Warren NY)
by Lou
Q: campground eviction (Oswego NY)
by freddy
Q: outcome of jamie rogers of waterloo ny (Seneca NY)
by j&j
Q: What was the outcome of case Murphy v Hamilton, June 2013 (Clinton NY)
by Tom d
Q: How do find a out what happen to a person I know who was arrested in ny without paying? (Warren NY)
by tab
Q: what was the result of the welfare hearing on 1/18/13 for Gail and Dennis Beaumont of Fulton? (Oswego NY)
by Pat Jaquay6
Q: What is the status of First Niagara Funding v. Syracuse Suburban? Have there been any recent decisions and if so where could I get a copy? (Oswego NY)
by David
Q: Outcome of the Justin curran case (Dutchess NY)
by Jojo
Q: Breed hill road property in crownpoint meachem (Essex NY)
by john
Q: how do I find out if a decision was made in a civil law suit (Sullivan NY)
by cj
Q: were there any civil trials today in yonkers ny (Westchester NY)
by c
Q: Where can I find court decisions from 1926 (Orleans NY)
by Sue
Q: Burglary Third (Wayne NY)
by joe
Q: allison ver valen mcnee
by david

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Latest Clinton County Decisions News
Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie Appeal To Energy Industry Constituents Ahead Of Potential 2016 Pres
New York
Likely presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie are playing to their energy industry constituents this week, albeit from opposite ends of the spectrum. Clinton will speak to a group of "clean energy" leaders Thursday afternoon in Las Vegas, while Christie, the Republican governor of New Jersey, is appealing to oil and gas developers.
September 28 2014
Brinkley murder suspect arrested in Colorado
Clinton, New York
Just in from the Arkansas State Police: News of the arrest in Colorado of a Brinkley man suspected of killing his father and robbing his grandmother on a farm near Brinkley. The release: Dustin Heath Burrow, 29, of Brinkley, charged with Capital Murder and Aggravated Robbery is in custody. Shortly after 4 AM (Central) today, Colorado Highway Patrol Troopers located an abandoned pick-up truck ...
September 14 2014
Obama and Clinton cast shadows on Arkansas election
Walton, New York
Politico's Josh Gerstein examines the influence of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton on the election in Arkansas this year Unless you live in a cave, you know that the Republican strategy, from Tom Cotton and Asa Hutchinson on down, is to label Democrats as Obama-lovers. Mike Ross isn't having it. “I don’t have a relationship with him,” Ross said. “I’m a conservative, pro-business, pro-gun, God ...
September 13 2014
Bonnie Montgomery, Deuce One, sfits, Rodney CoLe and the Jesse Kelly Band
Clinton, New York
This week's singles round-up is a day late since I've been out of town for a week reporting on rare mushrooms in Star City, but I promise it represents the very best of the new Arkansas music you missed in the last several days, with country songs and weed raps and doom metal that doesn't sound anything like doom metal. 1. Bonnie Montgomery - "Check For Your Time" Here's an unreleased track from ...
September 11 2014
13 Essential Stories About Sept. 11
Clinton, New York
A sampling of the stories that shaped how we understand what happened 13 years ago
September 11 2014
Why top politicians stay silent on Ferguson shooting and protests
New York
World View: Barack Obama cannot say anything about race relations for fear of making things worse, but Hillary Clinton has no such excuse
August 31 2014
The lobbying fight behind Argentina’s debt default
Clinton, New York
Groups on both sides are moving to influence key officials and runnign ads to shape public opinion.
August 08 2014
A New Kind of Gridlock: Why Congress is More Broken Than Ever
Clinton, New York
Lawmakers can’t even seem to do small, bipartisan things anymore.
August 03 2014
Teacher tenure looms as a likely issue in 2016 presidential race
Clinton, New York
AHEAD OF THE 2016 presidential election, several potential Republican candidates are voicing clear opposition to teacher tenure, while Democrats stay largely silent as they try to balance calls for reform and much-needed teachers union support. Rep. King reignites impeachment debate
August 03 2014
Match-fixer denies predicting World Cup result
Clinton, New York
A convicted match-fixer denied a report in a German magazine Tuesday that he predicted the result and details of a World Cup game.
July 27 2014
Bill Clinton won't 'jump the gun' on wife's plans
New York
Former President Bill Clinton says he doesn't know if his wife, Hillary, is going to run for president and said "she hasn't asked me yet."
July 22 2014
Liberals swoon for Warren, point to Clinton in '16
New York
At a summertime getaway for liberals, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has captured the hearts of Democratic activists beginning to think about an heir to President Barack Obama. But their minds tell them that Hillary...
July 21 2014
N.H. 2016 poll: Clinton lead shrinks
New York
The former secretary of state still holds a 45-point advantage on Vice President Joe Biden.
July 13 2014
Frank Rich on the National Circus: Could Hobby Lobby Reverse Progress on Gay Civil Rights?
Clinton, New York
Every week, New York Magazine writer-at-large Frank Rich talks with contributor Eric Benson about the biggest stories in politics and culture. This week: more fallout from the Hobby Lobby ruling; the intractable immigration mess; and Warren G. Harding's "Jerry."
July 12 2014
Obama picks former Procter and Gamble head to lead Veterans Affairs
Clinton, New York
President Barack Obama is selecting former Procter and Gamble executive Robert McDonald as his choice to be secretary of Veterans Affairs.
July 06 2014
Clinton, New York
A s we enter this holiday weekend, most of us are looking forward to a relaxing three days (or maybe more), even as the culture wars rage.
July 06 2014
Bill Clinton Calls Edie Windsor and Roberta Kaplan 'Two Amazing Women'
Clinton, New York
The former president praised the women for their work in defeating DOMA, which he signed into law. read more
June 26 2014
For same-sex marriage pioneer, a very busy year
Clinton, Oklahoma
Edie Windsor after introducing President Obama at a Democratic National Committee LGBT Gala in New York last week. / Mandel Ngan, AFP/Getty Images Edie Windsor turned 85 last week, but she was too "overdone" for a party.
June 26 2014
Blue on blue: the Democrats' education civil war against teacher seniority
Clinton, New York
A California decision has added to a conflict between Democrats over charter schools and teacher protections.
June 21 2014
Weil Represent American Securities in Acquisition of Grede Holdings
Clinton, New York
American Securities LLC, a leading U.S. private equity firm, today announced its acquisition of Grede Holdings LLC in partnership with the Company’s management team. Grede is a leading manufacturer of cast, machined and assembled components for transportation and industrial markets.
June 06 2014
'Times' Reporter Must Testify About Source, Court Decides
Clinton, New York
The Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from James Risen, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for The New York Times . Media outlets had hoped the court would grant greater protection to journalists.
June 06 2014
GOP Targets Hillary’s Health, Benghazi
New York
Is this how it’s going to be for the next two-and-half years? Republican strategist Karl Rove’s decision to raise the issue of Hillary Clinton’s health at a political conference signals a possible new line of attack on the prohibitive favorite for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 2016. Rove’s comments, reported beneath the scintillating The New York Post headline, raised the ...
May 28 2014
Analysis: Sanders Could Be the Left’s Alternative Voice if Clinton Runs
New York
As Hillary Rodham Clinton moves steadily toward what Democrats now see as an inevitable campaign for president in 2016, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is readying a dissent from the left.
May 21 2014
Clinton Group Announces Availability of Definitive Proxy Materials for XenoPort Annual Meeting
New York
NEW YORK, April 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Clinton Group, Inc. announced today that its definitive proxy materials for the XenoPort, Inc. (XNPT) annual meeting are available. The Clinton proxy materials will be mailed to stockholders shortly and can be accessed free of charge at or at the website maintained by the Securities and Exchange Commission, "With ...
May 02 2014
Robert Reich: 'Austerity is a terrible mistake' | Mary O'Hara
New York
President Clinton's former labour adviser is angry at the human and economic cost of austerity policies in the US and UK Robert Reich's verdict on the prospect of yet more austerity is unequivocal. "The austerity narrative is nonsense – and its dangerous nonsense. It's sort of the Vietnamisation of the economy – [that] you're saving the economy by killing it." The political economist who has ...
April 19 2014
The most interesting tidbits from the Clinton document dump
New York
Hillary Clinton once warned against the effects of an individual mandate.
March 02 2014
Eight other things Hillary Clinton (and America) hasn’t done since 1996
Brookfield, new york
The former secretary of state hasn't driven a car since the mid-90s. We assume she hasn't worried about Citizens United for Bears either.
February 14 2014
The Fix: Eight other things Hillary Clinton (and America) hasn’t done since 1996
Brookfield, new york
The former secretary of state hasn't driven a car since the mid-90s. We assume she hasn't worried about Citizens United for Bears either.
February 14 2014
A more liberal America will emerge, but it isn't going to happen overnight | Michael Cohen
Clinton, New York
Popular opinion is moving towards more progressive policies, though Republicans won't go down without a fight Oh to be a liberal in America today. In New York City, a Democrat has finally been elected mayor after a 24-year absence from City Hall – and he's a dyed-in-the-wool liberal. Gay marriage is legal in 18 states including, most bizarrely, Utah, one of the most conservative states. The ...
January 18 2014
De Blasio Taking Office Citing Wealth Gap as Crime Falls
Clinton, Massachusetts
Bill de Blasio becomes New York’s 109th mayor today after winning election in a record landslide by pledging to reduce income inequality and restrain aggressive police tactics.
January 09 2014
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