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New York Questions
Q: Karabelinkas VS Grandview Palace Condominium (Sullivan NY)
by Herb
Q: What was the court decision on Amy Purner on 03/12/2014 (Warren NY)
by Carla2
Q: Joshua Silverstein (Bronx NY)
by Rich
Q: Attendance in court on July 19 2012 (Richmond NY)
by anonymous
Q: what was the result of James R. Rickey's court appearance on Oct. 18, 2013 (Ontario NY)
by jane
Q: how long does it take for a judge to render a decision in a will probate case (Richmond NY)
by san
Q: Index No.57689/12 (Warren NY)
by Brodie
Q: Decision on Jasinski vs. Hudson Pointe Homeowners assoc. (Warren NY)
by Lou
Q: campground eviction (Oswego NY)
by freddy
Q: outcome of jamie rogers of waterloo ny (Seneca NY)
by j&j
Q: What was the outcome of case Murphy v Hamilton, June 2013 (Clinton NY)
by Tom d
Q: How do find a out what happen to a person I know who was arrested in ny without paying? (Warren NY)
by tab
Q: what was the result of the welfare hearing on 1/18/13 for Gail and Dennis Beaumont of Fulton? (Oswego NY)
by Pat Jaquay6
Q: What is the status of First Niagara Funding v. Syracuse Suburban? Have there been any recent decisions and if so where could I get a copy? (Oswego NY)
by David
Q: Outcome of the Justin curran case (Dutchess NY)
by Jojo
Q: Breed hill road property in crownpoint meachem (Essex NY)
by john
Q: how do I find out if a decision was made in a civil law suit (Sullivan NY)
by cj
Q: were there any civil trials today in yonkers ny (Westchester NY)
by c
Q: Where can I find court decisions from 1926 (Orleans NY)
by Sue
Q: Burglary Third (Wayne NY)
by joe
Q: allison ver valen mcnee
by david

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Latest Clinton County Decisions News
Former IRS Commissioner Mark Everson To Run For President. Yes, Of The United States
New York
In the 1996 Halloween episode of The Simpsons, space aliens and siblings Kodos and Kang, as part of their relentless quest to conquer Earth, abduct presidential candidates Bill Clinton and Bob Dole. The pair then use advanced technology to bio-duplicate the forms of Clinton and Dole and take their places in the election process, guaranteeing that one of them will be chosen as the next leader of ...
March 08 2015
Money already paving the way to 2016 White House
Clinton, New York
Washington (AFP) -- A year remains before party primaries for the US presidential election -- and 21 months until the vote itself -- but potential candidates are already cranking on a core task: raising cash.
February 14 2015
On race, where's Hillary Clinton?
New York
Barack Obama never really had a chance when dealing with issues of race in America. From the moment he ran for office, critics questioned whether he was "black enough" or an "angry black man."
December 11 2014
Where Rand Paul could agree with Hillary Clinton
New York
Republican Sen. Rand Paul could face a brutal battle against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a Democrat, in the 2016 battle for the presidency. But on Thursday, the Kentucky senator extended his potential rival an olive branch.
December 08 2014
Concha: Team Clinton Playing It Safe Again by Staying Silent on All Things Ferguson
New York
One is unofficially the country's first black president. The other is potentially America's first female president. Make no mistake...Team Clinton is a formidable pair and...
December 05 2014
Watch live TV on a iPad, PS4, or PS3 with PlayStation Vue (+video)
Clinton, New York
Have a fast Internet connection? Want to slash your monthly TV bill? PlayStation Vue might be the service for you.
November 22 2014
Watch live TV on a PS4, PS3, or iPad with PlayStation Vue
Clinton, New York
Have a fast Internet connection? Want to slash your monthly TV bill? PlayStation Vue might be the service for you.
November 22 2014
On This Day in History
Clinton, New York
A look at what happened on previous October 5ths
November 03 2014
Hillary Clinton: Don't saddle students with debt
New York
Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told a Las Vegas crowd Monday night that more needs to be done to ensure young people can achieve their dreams and free students from onerous college debt "that can...
October 31 2014
Monica Lewinsky joins Twitter, promptly draws thousands of followers
New York
The woman best known for a stained blue dress and an affair with President Clinton that led to only the second impeachment of a sitting president is now on Twitter.
October 31 2014
F.C. League of Women Voters Hosts Forum on Campaign $
Clinton, New York
by Patricia Leslie The 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC changed electoral politics in this country by permitting corporations and individuals to fund political campaigns with little, if any, oversight. Sean Barnett of the Northern Virginia affiliate of Move to Amend, a national organization devoted to […]
October 29 2014
US appeals court OKs evidence from no-warrant GPS
Clinton, New York
A U.S. appeals court has reversed a decision that threw out evidence gathered after a GPS device was put on a suspect's van without a warrant.
October 19 2014
Latest e-Edition
Clinton, New York
ST. (AP) — Thousands have gathered in St. Louis for a second day of rallies and marches protesting Michael Brown’s death and other fatal police shootings.
October 19 2014
Justices' new term has expectations on gay unions
Clinton, New York
A Supreme Court term that is starting with a lack of headline-grabbing cases may end with a blockbuster that helps define the legacy of the court under Chief Justice John Roberts.
October 19 2014
How America learned to love gay marriage
Clinton, New York
American attitudes to gay marriage have been turned on their head in the space of a single generation
October 13 2014
Dr. Robert Shapiro: "For the Sake of Its Credibility, the P.R. Government Should Pay Doral Now
Clinton, New York
WASHINGTON, Oct. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to Friday's court ruling requiring the Government of Puerto Rico to honor the Doral Financial Corporation tax agreement, former Undersecretary of Commerce for the Clinton Administration and economic advisor to Doral issued the following statement: "The courts have spoken and validated Doral's tax claim.  I hope that the Government of Puerto ...
October 13 2014
Episcopalians battle behind walls of NYC seminary
Clinton, New York
The lid has been lifted on a fierce internal battle at the nation's oldest Episcopal seminary, which has lost most of its faculty over what they say is their dean's intimidating, disrespectful leadership.
October 13 2014
Lesotho plans elections, but mood is unsettled
Clinton, New York
The Maseru Sun hotel in Lesotho says it welcomes families and business travelers. But most guests on a recent weekend were South African security forces, sent to keep order after a bout of violent unrest that has raised...
October 13 2014
Harry Reid Bodyguard Roughs Up Reporter Jason Mattera [Video]
Clinton, New York
One of U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s bodyguards roughed up reporter and conservative gadfly Jason Mattera in an incident captured on video. No stranger to political street theater, Mattera, currently the publisher of the Daily Surge, approached Reid, a Democrat from Nevada, to ask the senator how he got so rich on a government Harry Reid Bodyguard Roughs Up Reporter Jason Mattera ...
October 10 2014
Suspects in Amish kidnap case indicted on sexual exploitation counts
Clinton, New York
An upstate New York couple accused last month of kidnapping two Amish girls sexually exploited a third girl as well, according to an indictment that also includes a child pornography charge.
October 10 2014
Asian stocks sink after Wall Street plunge
Clinton, New York
(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan). An American flag flies in front of the New York Stock Exchange, Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2014 in New York. Electric carmaker Tesla Motors was expected to unveil an all-wheel-drive system - and perhaps more - at a much-hyped mystery event Thursday night near Los Angeles.
October 10 2014
Clooney makes surprise Comic Con appearance
Clinton, New York
Newly married George Clooney surprised fans with an appearance at New York Comic-Con on Thursday.
October 10 2014
Jeter poised for 1 final game in pinstripes
Clinton, New York
When Derek Jeter puts on New York's navy pinstripes Thursday for one final home game, it won't matter to a packed Yankee Stadium that there's no postseason play on the line.
October 10 2014
Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie Appeal To Energy Industry Constituents Ahead Of Potential 2016 Pres
New York
Likely presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie are playing to their energy industry constituents this week, albeit from opposite ends of the spectrum. Clinton will speak to a group of "clean energy" leaders Thursday afternoon in Las Vegas, while Christie, the Republican governor of New Jersey, is appealing to oil and gas developers.
September 28 2014
Brinkley murder suspect arrested in Colorado
Clinton, New York
Just in from the Arkansas State Police: News of the arrest in Colorado of a Brinkley man suspected of killing his father and robbing his grandmother on a farm near Brinkley. The release: Dustin Heath Burrow, 29, of Brinkley, charged with Capital Murder and Aggravated Robbery is in custody. Shortly after 4 AM (Central) today, Colorado Highway Patrol Troopers located an abandoned pick-up truck ...
September 14 2014
Obama and Clinton cast shadows on Arkansas election
Walton, New York
Politico's Josh Gerstein examines the influence of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton on the election in Arkansas this year Unless you live in a cave, you know that the Republican strategy, from Tom Cotton and Asa Hutchinson on down, is to label Democrats as Obama-lovers. Mike Ross isn't having it. “I don’t have a relationship with him,” Ross said. “I’m a conservative, pro-business, pro-gun, God ...
September 13 2014
Bonnie Montgomery, Deuce One, sfits, Rodney CoLe and the Jesse Kelly Band
Clinton, New York
This week's singles round-up is a day late since I've been out of town for a week reporting on rare mushrooms in Star City, but I promise it represents the very best of the new Arkansas music you missed in the last several days, with country songs and weed raps and doom metal that doesn't sound anything like doom metal. 1. Bonnie Montgomery - "Check For Your Time" Here's an unreleased track from ...
September 11 2014
13 Essential Stories About Sept. 11
Clinton, New York
A sampling of the stories that shaped how we understand what happened 13 years ago
September 11 2014
Why top politicians stay silent on Ferguson shooting and protests
New York
World View: Barack Obama cannot say anything about race relations for fear of making things worse, but Hillary Clinton has no such excuse
August 31 2014
The lobbying fight behind Argentina’s debt default
Clinton, New York
Groups on both sides are moving to influence key officials and runnign ads to shape public opinion.
August 08 2014
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